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Villa Costa, Via Spadoni 3,
55014 Marlia (Lucca), Italia

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reale I stayed at the Villa Costa for a 2 week vacation in July 2021.
The highlight was the discovery of VILLA REALE, located 5 min. from Villa Costa away situated in the prestigious hills of Marlia.
Once the Villa Reale (which dates back to the 16th century) was transformed by Elisa Bonaparte with her exquisite taste into an imperial gem, while her brother Napoleon conquered half of the world with his armies.
Under the Pecci-Blunt Family the Villa Reale became a hotspot for the jet-set (Jacki Kennedy, Salvador Dali, Kissinger etc.) in the 1950s/60s, but since then the villa has fallen much into despair. The last minute rescue operation of both the villa and the garden started by the new owners in 2015.
The Villa Reale is today restored back into Elisa Bonapartes imperial splendor where she enjoyed her favorite Billiard game (and apparently she played very good indeed!).
The many secret garden grottos are perfect for kids treasure hunting.
Also surprisingly on display are the following collections which the Pecci-Blunts left behind:
1. Pope Gowns, Books, Vinyls Music collection of the Pope Leo XIII who was born as a Pecci. 2. North American Indian Eagle Feather Headdress and many more native indian artifacts (Sioux, Hopi...)
3. A charming collection of dolls from all over the world.
Villa Reale – a parents & childrens authentic paradise likewise.

Kai Lichtenauer, Haidelberg